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Playing the piano everyday will improve your health and wellbeing.

It is a medicine with no pills and no side effects.

Playing music brings joy and has the power to change your life.

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“We are so grateful for this way of learning to play the piano.

Thank you so much!”

R. Berg, Seattle, WA

Everything You Need to Know

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Learn Music Facts

In this lesson (6) from Your Time to Play, Book One, you will understand the piano notes C and D through a fun, easy to learn performance piece. If you like, go deeper and practice writing the notes and counts on the attached theory worksheet.

  • Easy to understandYTTP-Book-One-sm__1419271736_68.226.31.50
  • Learn the piano at your own pace
  • Download to iPad/digital device, or purchase traditional workbook

The principles of learning to play the piano parallel the journey to success. Your Time to Play takes you on that journey. Read more here


Play along with the band!

Here is the audio file for Lesson 6. Listen for the metronome count-off and play along on your piano or keyboard. On the repeat join in with the fully orchestrated accompaniment track.

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Motivating Quotes and Advice

Get encouragement on your musical journey drawn from Joanne’s conservatory training in piano and music theory and 30 plus years as a teacher.
Talent “As a young teacher I would become excited whenever I started teaching bright quick learners.  I would agree with the happy parents that their child was unusually talented and progressing beyond his peers.  Then to my disappointment the student would become bored and suddenly quit his lessons.  I noticed other “slower” students continuing on – faithfully improving and reaching a proficiency that would last for a lifetime.  I learned that talent is a simple equation: hours of effort = level of talent.” Joanne Jolee
“Toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other. ” Seneca 5 BC-65 AD

“We just love the fabulous accompaniments you’ve put to each tune.”

S. Lazore, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



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The Power of Music

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“Joanne Jolee is a passionate advocate for the power and benefits of music. For adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, or just the stresses of modern living, she reminds us of the power that music holds to heal and nourish. Joanne Jolee is an excellent speaker: professional, vibrant, compelling. I highly recommend her for music mentorship or music advocacy: she truly walks her talk!”

Lisa Schmidt, MS, CYT, E-RYT

Arizona State University