by  Joanne Jolee

When new students ask me how long they should practice every day they are often surprised when I say, “Just ten minutes!” Ten minutes is easy to find but the more difficult task is integrating the new practice element into your daily routine.  Each day when you return to the instrument, you will have absorbed the material from the day before and begin practicing with ‘fresh ears’.

Procrastinating and doing a 60 minute practice once a week is far less effective because it doesn’t allow for those incremental and subtle changes that only take place with a necessary frequency of behavior.

As you progress you will find yourself  lengthening your practice sessions  because  the musical pieces will be longer, and  you will need time to review previously learned music. Review is great fun because the earlier pieces that were challenging are now easy and you sail through effortlessly! You will find this invigorating and enjoy your practice sessions even more.

If you will focus for those ten minutes every day and establish a healthy practice routine, you will see amazing progress over time.

And over time, with playing and learning music, you will notice improvement to your physical and mental health.  Watch Umi play the piano in the video below, and be inspired!

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